There and Back Again

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John Tangent
16 January
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I am John Tangent, I have a sightly different given name but the majority of the people that I care about call me tangent. I am also known as Hera* Volrad Tammen in the SCA, where I at least was an apprentice to both Master Aaron Swiftrunner and Master Henry Mc Queen. I'm also founder of house Ternhill.

I am presently on Federal disability due to in part by my Bi-Polar disorder and in part by being hist by a dump truckHoward in '02. I am trying to survive on the little money I get from the Feds.

When not being hit by dump trucks, I am a ceramist and tile maker and am presently taking culinary courses at Howard Community college.

Oh, and I am the descent of a Colonial Privateer whose exploits read like the Dread Pirate Roberts.

* Frysian for Lord