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Dog's bite...really

Last Friday, I saw a dog making friends with mine through the fences. Concerned that the dog might get hit by a car or such, so I went to it and tried to see the color tag so I could get it back to its home. It was unhappy when I took its color in hand, but it freaked out and started biting when I tried to steady it with the other hand as well. It ran away and then I realized it had drawn blood.

Called Animal Control and the Police. when to the ER and had one of the worst hospital experiences I have ever had (which is saying a lot). The Doctor said I could not have rabies since the dog was tame until I touched it and there has never been a Rabies to human from dog case in Maryland... yah thanks. Next day found the dog, though the owner says it could not be his dog that bit me since his dog was not out that day...Right. dog has shots trough 09 so I should be ok. Oh and it does seem that in 19 years Baltimore county has had only one rabid dog case, who nose for Baltimore City (where I live). But the assumption that the dog was fine was infuriating.
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