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So now that I've had my out burst of melancholy and despair....

The pragmatic person in me wants to fix some of the stuff I was getting up set about... But How? So I am starting a list of troubles that might help sort out what can be done and maybe some of you can chime in or even arrange to help out. I figure the things that get my allergies and so my migraines in better control woubl have the most positive benefits.

Bellow is a rough list of the troubles I have on me right now
    The order / cleanliness of the House,
  1. Shelving needs to be installed in Living Room (we have the shelving)

  2. A structure for the Automated cat box needs to be built to hold it and keep it safe from damage. It nneds to be built so that any litter the cats scratch go into the 'collecter' as well as . And yes I am sure a structure need to be built. I have it devised and may have all the scrap wood we would need for it, but I need help building it.</il>
  3. The house is filled with, oh say at least 50 archive boxes that have some "good stuff", some "junk", and Some "other peoples problems".

  4. The house has a lot of clutter that should be tossed, given away, or stored in a better way.

  5. The house needs a good sweeping / vacuuming / mopping, which is agravated by the Boxes and clutter.

    My Bed Room
  1. My bed needs a rebuild.

  2. I need a better mattress.

    Technical troubles
  1. Her Laptop needs to be backed up so it can be sent in for repairs.

  2. The iMacs in the house need to be up graded to OS 10.X so all the same apps can be used on them. Which means in some cases up grading them to OS 8.X and then 9.X something to up grade the Firmware and I cant find those disks

  3. One of those iMacs needs to pretend to be still_asking's Laptop while it is in for repair.

  4. still_asking's Palm needs to be re-implimented.

  5. One of my laptops needs to be repaired (one had a blank screen, the other has a dead HD) I figure the Hard Drive is easier to fix well, but I would need a HD of at least 30 gigs suitable to go into a 700 MHz iBook.

    The Kitchen construction
  1. The Kitchen is Disordered and badly implemented.

  2. The Kitchen Counter needs replacing (we have a piece of counter that might work).

  3. Plaster wall behind the Kitchen Counter needs repair.

  4. The Kitchen sink needs to be replaced (actual fixture is warranteed so at least that is free)

  5. The Kitchen sink Cabinet needs to be replaced (also Waranteed)

    The Studio
  1. stuff needs to be sorted and thrown away

  2. Laundry Room stuff must be stream lined so as not to interfere with The Studio and Vice-versa

    The Bath Room
  1. Bathroom Sink

  2. Tub and walls need to be replaced.

    1. The State of personal affairs
    2. I am Poor. (I figured I list it just to be accurate)

    3. I have a specific lacking of Jeans or such pants.

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