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A plea for help...

So Here is the Deal:

still_asking and I are both on Disability.

We live in Baltimore, in the house I was raised.

We both have limited energy.

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs.

We have a sea of Archive Boxes that hamper our life.
Some of the boxes are from my late father, and so charged with emotion.
Some are fairly benign.
Some have stuff that is poignant for still_asking.
We have a basement kitchen from Heck (it was from Hell, but we have worked hard on it.)
Its floor needs to be painted.
Solutions for where stuff should go have to be formed.
Solutions to the dogs and cats getting into the trash have to be devised.

The shed needs to be emptied.

Other stuff also needs to be done.

In short we need help. If anyone reading this thinks that they could give us a hand in finding our way out of this quagmire of a house, please comment to this post.
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