John Tangent (john_tangent) wrote,
John Tangent

Life, my birthday, and Bally's

So as you may or may not know my B-day is Friday. Half of my friends will be in Boston, like usual, for Arisia, and I have no firm plans on what to do in celebration. I would love to get together with those of my friends still in the 'metro area' and have dinner and maybe do something fun. So if you have an idea of what to do please comment.

Karen and I, in an interest to keep from atrophying, got a joint membership to Bally's. After investing in this out of the pathetic money the government is giving me to survive on (less that $200 a month plus food stamps for me) we decided to go to the Pool which Geoff (the Bally's sales guy) said closed about half an hour before the rest of the club.

We get there at 9:30 pm
The club closes at 11 pm
thus the pool will be open for about an hour...right?

NO! it closes at 9:30! I found Geoff and he claimed to have said that it closes "half an hour to an hour". Well that is still not a hour and a half! He says he will 'do anything' he 'can' to make it up to us. I will have a 'talk' with and the him and the manager at Bally's tomorrow.
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