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Iposted just as the lj died last night.

I was trying to clarify the whole Foo thing when LJ 'decided' to die. Oh well, I hope most of you got the right info.

Former Subject: Attention Possible Birthday Foo Attendees

There may be some confusion about the Foo.

The Foo is slotted for 2PM in Rockville at Green Fields. The reasons behind this are:

Pooh is supposed to be at gaming later that evening. Thus could not go to the Malibu Grill at 4 pm (nor 3:30 pm),

If we are eating at any significant time earlier than 4 PM then we would have to go to Green Fields in Rockville anyhow to get the full menu of meats.

I've got to stick with the 2 pm time because by now, 6 or more people are planning on meeting at the restaurant then.

We'll be there for a couple hours, so you can show up 'late' if you want.
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