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Miricle (?) on 34th street....

At some point in the now dark and distant past, the people living on 34th street, in the neighborhood Hamden of Baltimore City, decided that if a few Christmas light was a good thing then WAY TOO MANY LIGHTS was a great thing. So now every December there are LIGHTS and Trains sets and santa in helicopters, multiple grinches, and, of course, the traditional Hubcap X-mas Tree... and more.

So since still_asking and I live in Baltimore we would like to go to this block of illumination with friends. We want to do this tomorrow night (Wed Dec 22) to see this testament to "If you light it they will come", the exact time has some flex in it but definitely after dark, preferably late enough that I can get some nap time before it.

Dinner would also be cool, or coffee, etc.

So what do you think?
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