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sushi & christmas
There and Back Again
Stuff I figure you might possibly want to know.
I hate depression 
13th-Dec-2004 06:04 pm
sushi & christmas
For the record: I hate depression, illness, stokes, and family members being stupid.

The overview:

My sister has been in the hospital for Carotid Artery clearing, has had a stoke during her stay, changed hospitals once and now is at my moms home.

The details:

Mom told me she was in the hospital after she was there for several days and told me only she and my sisters husband was allowed to visit. a couple days later I checked on this and it turns out that I could visit.

Several days, maybe a week, go by and I decide to visit and I find out she has been moved to the 2nd hospital days before. I get over the lack of communication and decide to visit and am told that "today would be bad" as it is my sister's husbands B-day and so he would be at the hospital.

Another week or so goes by, I decide to visit:
I call the Hospital to check on visitor hours and I am told she is not in the roster.
I call my mom: no answer.
I call my brother and get his wife, I find out that my sister is now at my mom's home ... oh and my niece is pregnant!

my family does not have communication issues...I believe the subscription has expired and we owe the publisher money.
13th-Dec-2004 04:44 pm (UTC)
My sympathies on family communication. I spent a couple of years of college hearing from my mother every so often about family members (mostly cousins of varying degrees) who had died....long after their funerals. The logic of, "You're in school, you couldn't have gone anyway," never sat well with me for some reason.

Moms. Go figure.
14th-Dec-2004 04:23 pm (UTC)
I once found out about the death of an aunt when I got a thank you note from her widower in response to my Christmas card.

I really really wish more of my friends found this incomprehensible. If you follow me.
13th-Dec-2004 10:38 pm (UTC)
Been there. My family walks that line between "don't tell Steve" to "tell Steve and meddle with his life in manipulative and bizarre ways". Maybe staggers that line is more like it.
14th-Dec-2004 04:20 pm (UTC)
From what I've seen, your family does a polka on that line.
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