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a ruined after noon

Last week, still_asking and I were in a mall in Baltimore City. It was being a good day, we had gotten a puppy and a Kitten and it was looking like they were being accepted by the cat in residence, castor_the_cat. Karen had decided to buy me flowers, something wonderful that she does if she can. I was in a good mode and was happily choosing flowers.

Then al of the sudden, while we stared at the flowers some one poked his head between us and yellow "boo". We bother reacted with extreme shock, Karen screamed and I don't know if I yelled out or just at the jerk. But then I realize I know him, It was fixx.

I want to stop right now and make sure that all who read this know a couple points of data:

1) I and disabled due to a severe Bi-Polar condition and still having trouble moving through the grief of my fathers death in June of '03.

2) Karen has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition that has the person stressed so badly that they can not always find the strength to go out, let alone get out and be in a good enough mode to think of buying some on spontaneous flowers.

3) fixx has known of Karen's condition for at least a year.

4) Karen and I have had a very rocky and negative history with him.

So know I return to the moment that fixx ruined a wonderful moment. After we realized who it was we yelled at him and he left to rejoin his companion where they both laughed at the 'prank'.

I wont say who his companion was at this time, but I will say that she is a person with a long history with similar disorders as Karen and I have and she knows of our conditions. She had no excuse for finding this funny. She should think about it the next time she can't leave her house cause she is being so crippled with her own disorders that she can trust that she would be safe outside.

At this point in the story fixx owes me a good day. After he and his companion went into the Pharmacy laughing at us I went in after him to tell him how stupid, mean, cruel, and hurtful he was, all I could do was to tell him that he was a shit head for doing that to a person with PTSD. He claimed that he did not know she had PTSD and then said he did not trust me, called for security and accused me of being violent, said I was a maniac. I finally left him.

fixx is a stupid jerk that has been pushing his luck for a while but this is the last straw.

fixx if you read this leave me alone. I am doing my best no the wish ill on you, but I want you to stay away from me. You are mean, petty, vile, rude, vulgar, and I want to never see, hear, or think of you again.
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