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sushi & christmas
There and Back Again
Stuff I figure you might possibly want to know.
The Fire 
19th-Dec-2008 03:08 pm
sushi & christmas
"Errp, Details want you?", said the small green jedi. "A jedi needs not details, only a lightsaber and a bad-ass special effects team."

Oh so *that* other personality is coming out again. - But you want to know about the fire, what happened as they say.....

Either through a fault in the stove or human error, flame seems to have been present after I turned it off and put a Milk create containing my rice cooker and my Allclad 6 quart pot (my favorite) - These pots are among the honoured dead, as is the refrigerator, the cooktop and some cabinets. And we need a new fire extinguisher.

I smelled burning plastic from the kitchen and came down to find a foot and a half of flames lapping at the fridge. Then reached below the fire and to the left for the extinguisher and found out how messy to use those are. Turned of the Kitchen gas supply line as the knob was molten plastic by then. Then we had the conversation I mentioned in my last post and opened all windows while waiting for BGE to verify that the gas was off.
20th-Dec-2008 02:09 pm (UTC)
I don't know what the hell Kosh means, but I hope that you and Karen and the pets are all doing well. I'm guessing everyone was upstairs at the time. Was there a lot of smoke damage? I'm so glad that it wasn't worse. Sorry about the pot. I think I was there when you adopted it. I remember being on the parking lot of Golden Corral in Parkville and you proudly showing your new "babies" off.
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