John Tangent (john_tangent) wrote,
John Tangent

Gout sucks, so do car accidents, insurence companies, hospitals and Doctors

This is what gout is like:
The Gout, Cartoon by James Gillray (1799). The artist memorably illustrates the excruciating pain and swelling that are symptoms of the disease.
The Gout, Cartoon by James Gillray (1799).
Found on Wikipedia

The short form of it is that uric Acid, a by product of digesting certain things, get too high in the blood stream and being a crystal, I guess, fall out of solution. It is extremely painful, and lucky me, I have it. For more information you can check out Wikipedia's Gout Entry.

Car Accidents

On with the cavalcade of suckythings. We needed some one to water and feed the cats and dogs while we were at Dark Over. So still_asking lent her car to a friend of ours as a favor and in return he would use it while we where at the con as well to do said pet stuff.
While drive still_asking's cute and reliable Mazda 323, Scoot, said friend was rear ended on I-83 when he is forced to stop the car due traffic gridlock. This is totally not his fault. Poor Scoot was seriously hit by the other car and the insurance has totaled it out. And if we can take the word of the shop that looked at it the uni-body or frame is bent, so fixing it is not a good idea.

So she gets a rental car from the insurance company of the other car's driver, and I lend that friend my Ford Explorer for said pet duty. The con comes and goes with not trouble... wait for it...and the friend arranges to return the car, but finding the back parking pad taken by the rental car he has to exit the ally where these 2 6" high fences obscure the view of the street and the street light is out. So he turns left onto the street and...yah you guessed it, he was hit by an on coming car. Now this accident is a little grayer in fault as visibility is greatly diminished but in the "Free State", as some of the highway signs call Maryland, if you are turning left and in an accident you are legally at fault. Luckily I have Collision on the car so I will get some money from this, less my $500 deductible. And it still drives, but the doors are mashed up a bit so closing them is 'fun'.


It was after I was out of the Hospital that I realized that I had not been prescribed anything for the Gout. They had been too worried about my heart and forgot about my foot.

So that is an update on what sucks in MHO.

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