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A word to the wise, never fall down a the hospital...

It all started like this:

I thought I had a broken big toe. So as it was hurting more and more I decided the ER was the place to be, so still_asking and I go there: GBMC is not the closest, but it does have wifi.

We go there, eventually they are looking at the toe and running tests. They ask the sick with a cold, dehydrated, tired, in pain man if he wants some thing stronger than ibuprofen: like Percocet, he says whatever the Doc thinks is warranted.

So they gave me a Percocet and I start to slowly get groggy and tried and sleepy. Finally I realize just before I 'doze off for the night' that I need to relieve myself, so cane in hand and bad toe on foot I stagger to the bathroom. I make there, YAY TEAM! I'm feeling horrible by now, but I use the facilities, and I head back to the room...."head back" is funny cuz the next thing I know is I am being picked up by several strong men and being put on the bed in my room I have blood in my mouth, bruises on my face,covered in sweat and feel lousy. They hooked me up to an EKG and started blood enzyme tests and transfered me to the serious side of the ER.

Yah they think I am having a heart thing.

    For those at home keeping score:

  1. Yes I way around 300 lb.

  2. Yes dad had 2 heart attacks.

  3. Yes I had a Cardiac Cauterization a while ago.

    but add this to the score too:

  1. Yes I way around 300 lb, but am from a large bodied family and my weight has been stable for a while.

  2. Yes dad had 2 heart attacks,but he SMOKED, and OVER WORKED as a lawyer. His own cardiologist said the heart attacks were mostly do to smoking: nicotine over time makes the walls of the vessels stiff, unyealding and some times even brittle. OH and Dad did not goto ERs except in dire cases with prodding.

  3. Yes I had a Cardiac Cauterization a while ago, which had the surgeon pissed of for wasting his time as I had in his words,cleaner coronaries that he does.

The took me for a CAT scan and assured me that I have a brain still. They admit me into the hospital at about 7 am for "observation". They hook me to monitors. Around 1 or 2 the did a new EKG, they had told me if it was good I go to leave, they lied. When the EKG was 'normal' the Cardiologist that had looked at it said that then they could not be sure the heart did not have a problem that only shows up under stress or on tuesdays or something. So they now wanted a echocardiogram AND a stress test, but due to the bum toe they could not have me do the stair master version. Instead they had to order stress chemicals and do it in the morning (Thanks Giving Morning!)

So the morning comes and they inject enough chemicals to panic Buddhist monastery and they do the tests. After which none of them think of giving a tranquilizer, even though they are on my normal meds lie and then I have to wait to have a Cardiologist at another hospital 'read' the test. Finally they tell me that I am fine, I knew this. But I had been the good boy and stayed for all their excrement. Finally I could soon as a wheel chair was available! Which is another story.

So Basically, I lost from Tuesday night to Thursday afternoon, due to the in part to the belief that 300 lb. men can't have hearts that are fine. The discounted the narcotic they had administered, the severe pain I was, The lateness of of the night, stress, and the possible error of the a machine - because I was fat.
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