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sushi & christmas
There and Back Again
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Panic Attacks 
10th-Feb-2004 09:02 am
sushi & christmas
Panic attack is a bad label for these things. I know this not only because I listen to my best friend when she talks about hers; yesterday I had a one of my very own.

They are horrible, scary, and demoralizing. Anyone who thinks that a panic attack is just getting up set or that you can 'get past it' is a fool. Yes you in the second row, you are a fool.

I have anger in my heart that would make most wither and die. this weekend someone I know asked me what Karen and I were going do with our house 'when we're done' working on it. She must have missed the whole tangent's emotional / mental health is such that he is applying for disability & the whole the house is in a state that makes living there almost impossible. Oh course I don't know why I expected more.
25th-Feb-2004 06:30 pm (UTC) - One room at a time
I have not had a real “panic attack” since the two weeks after my father died, and that had a lot to do with how he died, which I won’t go into here. Previous to that I had them in my late teens and early twenties. In hindsight I attribute them to a combination of inadequate sleep and too much caffeine. Adrenaline seems to be both the result and the cause of the panic attacks and having them appears to interfere with sleep.

As to your house, I too am currently living in the house I grew up in, but I’m not sure that the mess I have here is quite the same as the mess you have there. Recently I worked very hard to restore _and_totally_change_ one room, so instead of being a source of stress it became the most relaxing and inviting room in the house. It was also something of a joint effort between me and my new SO. Doing so has really helped in my case and maybe the “One Room” approach might be good for you too.

Do let me know if you need any home repair guidance, I'm becoming quite the expert lately.
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