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Birthday plus

Ok here is the short form, I am working on a longer post, but it has some delicate stuff that I want to be sure of before choosing to post it, if I do. First some data:
  1. As you know, my mom has cancer.

  2. As you may not know still_asking and I have had a vile weekend with double servings of depression and sorrow.
  3. As you may or may not know Tuesday the 16th is my 38th birthday.
  4. We are poor
So anybody have any ideas of what to do on my birthday? I am a bit desperate here. I am in great need of cheering up and making me feel like living is worth while (whether it is or isn't). So, do any of you want to get together for my birthday, and if so what could we do? Somebody? Anybody?

I feel like no one cares that I am alive. I feel worthless and alone and small and trivial. I know it is not any of your jobs to make me feel better, and that if it were it would be a full time job, but it would be nice if you could help.
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