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Vicodin, House and stuff

So, I have teeth trouble and I was prescribed Vicodin. And I took ONE and a couple houses later I took a little bit of cough medicine (have a cold as well). I am going to sleep WELL.

My question is how much pain and tolerance for Vicodin must house have? I mean I could not trust myself to practice medicine, hell I almost did not write this!

Wow, drive a motorcycle, prescribe medications, inject medications, do lumbar punctures, and not make repeated passes at Dr.Cuddy (that one must really be hard): all on, what 2 or 3 Vicodin every couple hours or 2 clinic patients (which ever come first)? My grandfather kept several bars in business and he could not have had this sort of tolerance.

If he had enough pain to balance out that much Vicodin then they should have left him in the coma, it would have been more humane. Now I need to sleep so tomorrow I can be awake enough to worry about what I said in this post.

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sushi & christmas

The Fire

"Errp, Details want you?", said the small green jedi. "A jedi needs not details, only a lightsaber and a bad-ass special effects team."

Oh so *that* other personality is coming out again. - But you want to know about the fire, what happened as they say.....

Either through a fault in the stove or human error, flame seems to have been present after I turned it off and put a Milk create containing my rice cooker and my Allclad 6 quart pot (my favorite) - These pots are among the honoured dead, as is the refrigerator, the cooktop and some cabinets. And we need a new fire extinguisher.

I smelled burning plastic from the kitchen and came down to find a foot and a half of flames lapping at the fridge. Then reached below the fire and to the left for the extinguisher and found out how messy to use those are. Turned of the Kitchen gas supply line as the knob was molten plastic by then. Then we had the conversation I mentioned in my last post and opened all windows while waiting for BGE to verify that the gas was off.
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sushi & christmas

Conversations that I never thought I would have...

Last Saturday evening around 10:30 pm-

still_asking asked me, yelling down the stairs:

Is the house on fire?

I replied:

No, but it was.

I am still in shock over it, or rather I am now in shock. We are fine it was a kitchen fire and I had a fire extinguisher - the only uni-tasker in my kitchen.

life suck in a bunch of ways.
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sushi & christmas


As to new movie Ironman, simply, it rocks. *

I mean it has everything! The space ship and the exposure to cosmic rays giving Stark his powers of course. Pepper is ther to become The Invisible Woman, and James Rhodes the human torch...though I would have changed his driver Harold being there to become The Thing, it always seemed a little odd to me: to convenient I guess.

Oh and the kinky sex scenes with Peter Parker, Matt Murdock and Tony are true to the books: Peter is the Top/Dom and Matt and Tony are the subs.

I really recommend you see the movie and I feel I have given no spoilers what so ever :)**

*This statement is true.
**and so is this one.
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being sick

You know, when I am sick I am often sour in mode and, I hate to admit it, I can be rough on or rude to those that care for me. Needless to say if someone forced my mouth open to make me swallow pills, they would want to count there fingers after and have my stomach pumped to retrieve the ones that were missing.

I am struck by Luke's gentleness and kindness: he is a good soul. I put him on the bed, I take him off, I send her out into the night, I trip over him: he has never been rough or snapping. I wish I was as good as he is.
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Ok, So the PLAN (Pathetic, Lame, Assed, Notion) as Selki and I left it is:

8:30 Dinner at Saigon Remembered
  • 5857 York Road
    Baltimore, MD 21212
    (410) 435-1200

10:00 Iron Man accross the street at The Senator
  • Over flow parking is at the Staples down the Street:
    5835 York Rd
    Baltimore, MD
    (410) 323-6235‎

How does that sound?
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sushi & christmas

Sorry twin Migraine and just found out that our dog Luke is dieing


As to the Movie still_asking's migraine may have her out for the count but I think I could do it. And frankly could use some fun :-)

Movie times are 2:00, 4:45, 7:30 & 10:00pm.

Selki are you more for Egyptian pizza that Vietnamese?

fizzygeek and madbodger how late would it have to be to work?

Anyone we can grab for the foo?

I hope to hear from you soon.

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